Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Wet/Damp Rated Ceiling Fans

Outdoor fans at RP Lighting + Fans are categorized as “damp” or “wet” rated, depending on the amount of moisture they’re designed to withstand.

Damp rated fans can handle humidity, but can’t handle direct contact with water, whereas wet rated fans are built for exposure to the outdoors and where water can splash onto the fan.

Covered patios or screened-in porches are better suited for damp rated fans.

Other considerations for wet listed ceiling fans:

  • Materials: Be careful before you buy! Some fan models are built for outdoor use but don’t come designated with a damp/wet rating. 
  • Airflow: Semi-enclosed spaces don’t need as much power to make the room feel cool, but open plans require a fan with much stronger output.
  • Lighting: If your space needs a little light, you can get a ceiling fan that does double-duty. The best option is an LED ceiling fan that’s energy efficient, low-maintenance, and customizable.

Read more about the difference between wet rated and damp rated LED light fixtures on our website!

LED Light Fixtures for Outdoor Use

For over 30 years, RP Lighting + Fans has been a valued supplier of ceiling fans and LED light fixtures to electrical distributors and lighting showrooms. In that time our product offering has grown to encompass all types of lighting fixtures typically installed in multi-family or mixed-use facilities, as well as many LED fixtures applicable for light commercial installations.

LED lighting can be the upgrade your business needs, and as a distributor, knowing a little bit about how lighting plays into design choices can help you provide the right information to your customers and help complete a sale.

For more information about the different types of LEDs and how to best design your space, talk to one of our experts! Contact your RP representative today to get started!

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