Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Switch to ENERGY STAR Lighting in 2022

Going green in 2022? There’s never been a better time to switch to ENERGY STAR products!

You may already know that ENERGY STAR certified LEDs will save you money and last over 20 years on average, but do you know the other reasons why you should make sure you look for the little blue label on products before you buy?

  • ENERGY STAR rated products meet rigorous standards: Set by the EPA, every ENERGY STAR certified lamp is evaluated against more than 20 attributes to make sure each product lives up to your expectations for efficiency.
  • Certified lamps must deliver the same level of light: The testing and evaluation process works to make sure the level of light from the lamp matches the brightness of traditional incandescent.
  • ENERGY STAR rated LEDs last longer than most things in your home: ENERGY STAR lamps undergo thousands of hours of testing to make sure the claims of 20+ year lifespans are actually true! ENERGY STAR LEDs also undergo stress tests to make sure they’ll work in all the spaces you need them to.

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