Friday, September 21, 2018

Are You a Commercial Lighting Supplier Looking to Expand?

Are you considering partnering with another company or investing in a company to help your business grow?

As a commercial lighting supplier, are you looking to expand?

Consider this:

  1. Consider whether the company you’re partnering with will still be around to honor their warranty years down the road. – Does the company you’re working with have long-lasting relationships with their manufacturers? Do they have a history of good work and good partnerships? 
  2.  Is the product provided by your lighting partner dependable? – Is the product the type of quality you want to provide for your customers? Consider your own mission about providing the best, most up to date product for your customers. Are you going to be able to continue doing that with this lighting partnership? 
To see more about these and two more important considerations, visit our website!

At RP Lighting + Fans, we make it our mission to stay on top of the latest technologies so we can provide commercial lighting suppliers and their customers with the most efficient and up-to-date products to improve business.

Monday, September 3, 2018

4 Things to Consider When Making a Lighting Investment

Are you a commercial lighting supplier that is looking to make a new partnership this year or next year?

Are you struggling to find the right partner to invest in?

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 As a lighting distributor, your investment is two-fold. You want a lighting partner that will allow you to present a wider variety of products to your customers, and you also want a partner that will help you reclaim your return on investment.

Check out our website for 4 things you need to consider.

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