Saturday, May 18, 2019

Pick the Perfect Recessed Lighting Option for Your Space

Recessed lighting is used in a variety of ways for both residential and commercial buildings. This type of lighting can be used for ambient or general lighting, and there are several types of fixtures that are available for specific needs:

  •  Incandescent options are inexpensive and are good for wall washing with the use of reflectors 
  • LED options are energy efficient, have a very long life, and can be installed in a smaller diameter aperture 
  • Fixtures also employ different shaped lamps to change the direction the light is emitted, which can affect the overall design. 

Pick the Perfect Recessed Lighting Option for Your Space

Still having trouble deciding? Let our experts help you! Contact us today and read more about recessed lighting on our website! View our guide and our product range to get started.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Overwhelmed by All Your Recessed Lighting Options?

Are you overwhelmed by all the options available when shopping for lighting?

Recessed lighting, also called “cans”, “high hats”, or “spotlights” can be used for down lighting or wall lighting, and can provide ambient light in residential and commercial spaces.

This type of lighting is perfect for: 
  •  Increasing the amount of lighting in a room 
  • Acting as an accent to draw attention to artwork 
  • Opening up spaces so they feel bigger 
  •  Getting rid of bulky, traditional light fixtures

There are so many applications and looks that it can be hard to know where to start. RP Lighting + Fans has got you covered. Check out our website to read our recessed lighting guide!

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