Monday, February 17, 2020

LED Lighting Retrofits Can Save Your Business Money

As a business owner, an LED lighting retrofit can be an important solution for your commercial space. These design basics can help you understand how LED fixtures can give you better quality lighting and a more efficient infrastructure.

Did you know…?

A new LED system typically results in energy savings of as much as 85 percent compared to traditional lighting systems? While there is an upfront installation cost, the return on investment is apparent almost instantly with ongoing energy savings.

Read more about designing a space with LED lighting in mind on our website!

Monday, February 3, 2020

LED Lighting Design Basics

Are you designing LED lighting systems for your home, commercial space, or industrial application?

Are you looking for a lighting manufacturer that has the products you need to design a well thought out space for retail, industrial uses, or for new home builds?

 LEDs can produce thousands of lumens, and even low-power LEDs are becoming more specialized. When you’re designing a space and need the lighting to reflect your style and light the space appropriately, consider these elements first - read more on our website!

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