Monday, August 17, 2020

LED Lighting: Cooler, Safer Lamps

Because LEDs are so efficient at converting energy into illumination, they have very little heat loss. Unlike a traditional bulb, the coolness of LEDs prevents accidental burns from contact. LED lamps are also less likely to shatter because they are cooler. For an added layer of safety, consider purchasing shatterproof LEDs.

No mercury exposure

Unlike CFLs, LEDs are mercury-free. That means no accidental exposure. While the amount of mercury in one bulb is not likely to cause health problems, it’s always wise to avoid any contact with mercury. Any mercury spill requires special cleanup and care to avoid exposure to its liquid or vapor form.

Overall, not only is LED lighting an energy and money saver, but it’s also a safer bet than standard lighting options. Cooler, cleaner, brighter LED lighting is a clear choice for a brighter, safer workplace.

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

How Do LED Lights Increase Workplace Safety?

All wholesale lighting is not created equal. Studies have shown LEDs to be one of the safest choices in workplace lighting.

Here are six ways LEDs can increase workplace safety:

1.     Increased employee alertness

LED lamps have been shown to cause less mental fatigue than other lamps, thanks to cooler color temperatures. Employees that are more alert are less prone to accidents. LEDs are available in more color temperatures than other lighting options. For mental alertness, choose cooler colors.

2.     Increased visibility

LED lighting decreases the chances of accidents caused by dim or flickering lighting. LEDs offer higher lumen output than standard bulbs, creating a brighter workspace with fewer shadows. That’s important because poor lighting can make it challenging to use tools and judge distances accurately. Poor lighting contributes to workplace injuries like cuts or falls. LEDs eliminate this problem.

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