Thursday, September 8, 2022

CRI, CCT and Under-Cabinet Lighting Options

Under-cabinet lighting is one of the most useful and convenient lighting applications on the market today.

These hidden fixtures help illuminate kitchens seamlessly without looking clunky or contrasting with existing décor. They’re also very helpful for recipe reading and keeping the house from being completely dark at night.

Beyond the kitchen, under-cabinet lighting can be used in:

  • A workroom, as task lighting
  • Laundry room
  • Home office
  • As accent lighting in bookshelves or glass cabinets

Some light renders color better than others. Color Rendering Index (CRI), is the measurement of how colors look under a light source compared with actual sunlight. The index is measured from 0-100, a perfect 100 indicating that colors under the light source appear the same as they would in natural light.

CRI is also an important measurement for lighting suppliers. It’s used to discern naturalness, hue discrimination, vividness, and color naming accuracy.

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